Our Lab

Licenses and certifications

Good Start Genetics developed our tests in our CLIA and CAP accredited laboratory. Below is a listing of our current licensures and accreditations. If you have licensure or certificate questions, please call (855) 765-0845.
Licenses License/Permit # Expiration Date
State of California COS 00800368 06/23/2017
State of Florida 800026488 08/03/2019
State of Maryland 1888 06/30/2018
State of Massachusetts 5293 08/17/2018
State of New York 8623 22D2025627 06/30/2018
State of Pennsylvania 032792 08/15/2018
State of Rhode Island LCO00732 12/30/2018
Certifications & Accreditations License/Permit # Expiration Date
CLIA 22D2025627 08/28/2018
CAP 8003546 05/21/2018

Some expiration dates may not be current. This is usually due to delays by the federal, state or private agency responsible for inspection, application review and issuance of these licenses or certificates. All licenses or certificates remain current while license renewal applications, inspections, and/or other review process are taking place toward the issuance of a new license.