Wherever testing can show the way forward,
Good Start Genetics offers an option

Good Start Genetics offers a portfolio of genetic testing products that prepares patients for the next step on their reproductive journey. Whatever the need, versatile options from Good Start Genetics empower you and your patients with the information you need to make important reproductive decisions.

GeneVu: Putting information to work

To be truly valuable to you and your patients, carrier screening must be a means to guiding more informed decisions. That’s why there’s GeneVu. GeneVu carrier screening tests for severe, prevalent, and costly genetic disorders, using the technology that provides the most insight. With the expert support of Good Start Genetics’ lab directors and team of board-certified genetic counselors, GeneVu helps you and your patients get more out of carrier screening.

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Unique, accurate, and comprehensive

Advancing the technology of carrier screening is in our DNA at Good Start Genetics. We developed the first extensively validated next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) method for carrier screening.1,2 It's a unique approach that employs multiple patented process steps. And it provides the accuracy and completeness that make carrier screening truly useful. GeneVu generates higher detection rates than traditional genotyping,1,3 which means fewer missed carriers, lower residual risks, and greater confidence in a negative result.

Tests that matter, information that means more

With GeneVu, advanced technology is applied to guideline-recommended tests for a validated combination of accuracy and relevance. Our ScreenSelect tool makes it easy to select the tests most relevant to the patient’s family history and ethnicity. And when GeneVu results are returned, the patient results report focuses on relevant mutations of known significance.

Service included

With compassion and expertise, Good Start Genetics counselors help couples understand their GeneVu results so they can make informed decisions. Personalized prescreen counseling helps patients get the tests that are right for them; follow-up counseling ensures that they understand their results and feel empowered to make decisions. Our job isn’t over until your patient understands the results and feels ready for what’s next.

Support that keeps you moving

Good Start Genetics works closely with reproductive health centers to integrate GeneVu into your workflow so that you receive seamless, intuitive delivery of our carrier screening. We create a simple, understandable, self-guided experience for the patient while making carrier screening easy for the provider. It’s a better patient experience. And a better experience for your clinic.

EmbryVu: PGS for more of your patients

Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) is fast becoming a critical step in optimizing IVF outcomes. It can improve pregnancy rates, lower the incidence of miscarriage, promote success in patients undergoing single-embryo transfer, and increase the likelihood of having a healthy baby.4-6 But costly technologies have kept many IVF couples from receiving the benefits of PGS. Until now. Now there’s EmbryVu, which puts high-quality PGS within reach of more IVF couples.

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IVF patients who may benefit from PGS include:

  • Patients of any age with a history of unsuccessful IVF cycles (repeated implantation failure)*
  • Women of advanced maternal age – 35 and older
  • Patients with 1 or more miscarriages*
  • Patients who have had previous pregnancies with chromosomal abnormalities
  • Patients with male factor infertility*
  • Patients interested in learning the sex of their embryo

EmbryVu is designed to assess whole chromosome gain or loss. Alternate testing may be necessary if a partial loss or gain of chromosomal material is suspected.

Quality and affordability

EmbryVu advances the technology of PGS to help more couples undergoing IVF achieve a successful pregnancy. Only EmbryVu:

  • Leverages the power of Good Start Genetics’ next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology – validated for analysis of whole chromosome copy number detection in biopsies from blastocysts intended for frozen transfer
  • Employs FAST-SeqS, an innovative NGS-based technology developed at Johns Hopkins University7
  • Uses a targeted amplification process that reduces cost and streamlines the laboratory workflow while maintaining accuracy and quality
  • Provides automated sample tracking and processing through proprietary labeling and robotics

Easier for everyone

Good Start Genetics supports patients and the IVF center throughout the PGS process. Our laboratory directors are on hand to answer questions and provide support wherever it’s needed. And our genetic counselors are available to help patients understand PGS and decide whether it’s right for them. Results are promptly reported with clarity so clinicians can quickly determine the next steps for embryo transfer.

Your testing needs — covered

With GeneVu and EmbryVu, Good Start Genetics can provide you with testing tools for important steps along the reproductive journey, with more options coming in the future. Ask your Good Start Genetics representative for more information or contact us.

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